The participant entry is up to 45 entrants, of cars and motorbikes.

Landspeed date for next event.  

NEXT Event:  Saturday 30th of November 2024

Because of so much demand we now have 2 events  per year March/April and Nov/Dec on a Saturday 

If cancelled, due to Covid or Rain, credit given for a rain day 7 days later. If all cancelled then $350 of the entry fee will be credited for up to 2 years forward but the $100 membership fee needs to be repaid.

But note the cost per event is $450 including the $100 membership. 

If any event is cancelled you lose the $100 membership, the entry fee of $350 is credited to you for next event. If less than one month before an event and the participant wants to cancel, it is totally up to our discretion to refund the $350, if we have a waiting list or we can find a replacement then we will possible refund the $350

Get your entry in (places are limited to 45 participants per event ) using the following link:

Join as a Landspeed NZ member and book your place (you must be a member to attend the event, note we only do one event per year, so your membership valid for that event you want to participated in, so it’s membership has no date on it. Unless you joined up as a social member, then it is dated)

NOTE: You also must go to “Forms” and download the Indemnity and Rules applicable for the vehicle you intend to race and read the rules and note what you need to do or provide. 

IMPORTANT bring with you this indemnity form and check list on event day as there is a check list on there to be checked and signed, then you get your Helmet number on a sticker to race. Start marshals use this to verify your ID. Your vehicle may have a different number sticker.

Only email the entry form not the indemnity form, and bring it with you to be checked at registration desk.

Kiwi bank: Account: Landspeed New Zealand Association Incorporated  Number of account: 38-9018-0289632-00

Any queries email to:  or call John at 021 961 766

Please see full details below and keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates and announcements relating to the event.

With the exclusive use of 6 kilometers of straight flat road, up to 7 meters wide, this event will allow you to find out what your vehicle’s maximum speed is. The middle quarter mile (402mtr) will be timed using Tag Heuer equipment as used  The quarter mile has been professionally surveyed, and has less than 1% deviation. In fact surveying found the middle section of 2.8klms is absolutely flat within 20mm.  Between the surveyed distance the Tag Heuer timing equipment, will give an average speed to the 4th decimal point, an extremely accurate result as per FIM standards. We also put up signs on side of the road giving you an indication of klms traveled.

This event is open to road and race vehicles. Do not be so concerned about the classes, put down all the details of your vehicle Make, Model, Age, CC, if Supercharged or Turbo, or Nitrous or Diesel, Petrol or Electric. Then these details go on the certificate and you can compare with existing World or other National records, this is your bragging rights to an event that you participated in, near duplicating all the conditions of a Speed record on the Salt of Australia or USA etc.

NOTE:  Your vehicle entry also includes pit crew passes for your support team, includes free parking and free camping.

NOTE: Spectators wanting to camp the donation is $25 

Note at this time the generous farm owners have given us free camping in the pit area, and we have provided toilets and a hot shower.

Only approved cookers allowed.

WARNING instructions for coming to Goudies Road, from Rotorua direction. Do not turn down the State Highway 38 to Murapara , keep going to Reporoa on Broadlands Road. Please note that the northern end of Goudies Road is a private forest unsealed road and is gated and LOCKED in the forest, there is no public access this way.

Do not use in car maps, TomTom etc  Program to Reporoa, then on reaching Reporoa program in 476 Goudies Road, Reporoa. 

Enter via Plateau Road, when you get to the end of Plateau turn left onto Goudies and then proceed 2.4 klms up to the pit entrance on your left. ( you will see a huge barn on the left). Participants must be in Pit area for Car/Bike check and safety gear check by 6.30am to 7am.

If arriving after 7.30am then Goudies road will be closed, and your only option is go to the Start/Finish marshals on Goudies road  200 meters from junction of Goudies road/Plateau Rd.

IMPORTANT DO NOT USE THE FARM ACCESS ROAD off Plateau Road, that is closed off limits

They will tell you when you can follow the Participant vehicles back to the pits after they have finished their two runs. This may mean a 5 minute wait or a 45 minute wait. IMPORTANT This is a motorsport event you enter at your own risk, that means you and your car. Motorsport could be dangerous. Recommended to wear ear protection. 

If you are looking for accommodation, the closest main centers are Rotorua to the north and Taupo to the south.  If traveling from the north, pay heed to the above notice about the forest Goudies road part being locked; make sure your GPS or Google Maps directions don’t try to take you via the private forest or you will have to back track 15 klms.

Program GPS to Reporoa in first instance is best, then on reaching Reporoa program in Goudies road.

  • No pets allowed. The consequences of an animal wandering onto the course are too great; please leave your pets at home!
  • No smoking, including vapor units. This is important; not only are we are within a forestry area but our safety crews are on constant lookout for ANY smoke, cigarettes or vaping devices could trigger a false alarm which would shut down the event while it is investigated.
  • No taking of drugs (mind altering substances) what so ever, this also includes up to 48 hours before an event. We will be testing for drugs so you have been warned !
  • No alcohol. Alcohol and motorsport don’t mix, please wait until after the event before celebrating with a drink, even if you are a spectator. Yes you can drink the day before when camping in moderation and no drink driving.
  • No children under 13, unless they are the immediate family of a participant.
  • All participants must be of 18 years or older.

Please remember that motorsport is dangerous, the above rules are for everyone’s safety and to ensure we stay within the conditions of our use of Goudies Road. Important wear ear protection, the Kawasaki H2R motorbike generates noise levels up to 130Db

Covid restrictions have been lifted, but you may wear a mask if you want.