Welcome to Landspeed New Zealand Association, an incorporated society set up to promote and facilitate Landspeed Racing in New Zealand and overseas.

First speed trials event 8th April 2018

Second speed trials 10th February 2019

Cancelled March 29th 2020 event due to the Covid 19 Virus.

Third  speed trials March 6th 2021 

Forth speed trials Sunday March 6th  2022 and it was a great success, with a few Supercars participating Lamborghini and Ferrari, and C7 Corvette.   We had 36 entrants, with some very fast bikes, a few more doing well over 200mph and records were broken, with an amazing fastest in NZ was Scott Wilkins on a heavily modified Kawasaki H2R doing a one pass of 364.5kph/227.8mph backed up by a two way average of 358.4kph/224mph. Walter Rands-Trevor on his naturally aspirated Kawasaki ZX10 went into the history books also with two way run of 200mph. We now have 12 participants in the exclusive 200mph club: 

Cancelled speed trials February 6th 2023 as all of New Zealand suffered huge rain falls flooding every where and Cook Strait ferry cancelled.

Last year 2023 event December 3rd 2023 we decided to run the event even though the forecast was not good, participants from around New Zealand told me on the phone, run it, does not matter if we don’t get to run, it will be a great get together so with that positive attitude we all turned up with some 45 entrants 

For all results have a look under heading “RESULTS”

Full details on how to get to Goudies Road, Reporoa available here: https://www.landspeed.org.nz/events/

  We would like to thank all those entrants who came along to Goudies Road to these events, it was great to meet you all and to witness your enthusiasm at being able to participate in such a unique event here for New Zealand.  The feedback from spectators was also amazing, and helps make the thousands of volunteer hours put in all worthwhile.

Because of so much demand we now have 2 events per year March/April and November/December on a Saturday

NEXT Event: last Saturday 30th November 2024  

If any event is cancelled you lose the $100 membership, the entry fee of $350 is credited to you for next event. If less than one month before an event and the participant wants to cancel, it is totally up to our discretion to refund the $350, if we have a waiting list or we can find a replacement then we will possible refund the $350

Goudies road was resealed in March 2023 for the whole 8.2klms and it was an excellent job done with No 5 chip 5mm to 6mm size at far ends but where we race for 6klms they did two layers No 5, finishing with the finest you can get a No 6 3mm to 4mm chip. I have ridden it and a committee member who is a roading engineer drove it and were very impressed. Local Police officer drove it, and said most bumps taken out it is more level now. December 3rd event showed the sealed was not bedded in so well, so we were careful at the start line not to rip the new seal.

The committee had a meeting April 22nd 2023 at Goudies Road to discuss future plans, one of them was to upgrade of the pit lane to edge of Goudies road seal to lessen the gradient/climb and protect the seal edge. A big thank you to Wayne Painter of Taupo KP haulage company doing a truck and trailer free delivery sponsorship of 18 cubic meters of metal. Taupo Swap Quarries donated the metal and another company. That was very successful. 

GPIL Geotextiles, Director Laurie Vercoe donating a expensive geotextile to go under under the metal, and the farming company Theland Farm Group paying for a big digger in June to do this works. 

NOTE: Many of you asked why not two day event, well that’s just too demanding on the local farmers not having access to their homes for two days, but we now run two events per year and also run the event on the Saturday meaning there won’t be the rush to get away back home and can stay over for the Sunday, which means we have time to pack up, and clear up in daylight and every one can help do this please.  

We received so many thank you messages from many of the participants still buzzing from the adrenaline fix on Goudies Road events and many mentioned how amazingly smooth the road was better than even motorways in NZ. Thank you as we heard there had been false stories put out that the road was rough or had bumps in it, these participants have dispelled those rumors. 

Note: Goudies Road was part of the Million Dollar Logging truck Highways designed for 120 Tonne Logging road trains, 1 meter of well compacted fill, then 150mm of high quality bitumen. We have had the road surveyed for levelness over the whole length and in the middle of our 6klms is 2.7 klms of absolutely level within 20mm. Astounding the Surveyor said back 30 years ago with no GPS to get it so level. We have had surveyed and marked permanently 1/4 mile 1/2 mile and 1 mile points.

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