Landspeed in NZ

The speeds recorded at Landspeed New Zealand Association events will be done with certified Tag Heuer equipment – They will be officially recorded as Landspeed New Zealand Association records.  Landspeed New Zealand Association is not affiliated with either Motorcycling New Zealand or Motorsport New Zealand so our speed records will not be recognised by these parties.

Classes  available are similar to those of MNZ & MSNZ and it is these current records in these classes that Landspeed New Zealand Association entrant’s will be attempting to better.

Overall fastest current New Zealand record

The fastest officially timed speed in New Zealand was set by Eddie Freeman driving a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera at Ohakea Airforce Base, on 26 October 2012. There, he set the record for the flying kilometer at 355.485 kph (220.888 mph). In doing so, Eddie Freeman took the flying kilometer record from Owen Evans, who had previously set the record at 348.061 kph at Goudies Road, Reporoa on June 2nd 1996 in his Porsche 911 GT Le Mans Turbo.  

The Castrol Trophy (New Zealand Landspeed Record)

The Castrol Trophy in landspeed racing is awarded for the fastest vehicle officially timed by MSNZ with a flying start over a measured distance of one full mile (1.609 kilometers). The trophy itself is a one third replica of The Sir Charles Wakefield Trophy which was presented for the World Land Speed record in the 1930’s by Castrol’s founding chairman. Current holder of the Castrol Trophy is Owen Evans, who attained 216.385 mph (348.237 kph) on June 2nd 1996 in his Porsche 911 GT Le Mans Turbo on Goudies Road, Reporoa. The previous holder of the trophy had been Ray Williams at 196.721 mph (316.591 kph), set on the 16th March 1996 in a Road Registered Porsche 930, also on Goudies Road, Reporoa.

Motorcycling New Zealand (MNZ) Landspeed Records

MNZ’s records for individual classes are available here, current as of Jan 2018.