About us

Landspeed New Zealand Association

Landspeed New Zealand was formed to foster and promote landspeed racing in New Zealand. Kiwis have always had the urge to push their machines to the limit, to see just how fast they will really go, and until now there has been no local organisation that supports us in this effort.

The association was formed in 2016, when it officially became an incorporated society – a copy of our certificate of incorporation is available here. The first AGM was held in Hamilton on the 9th of April 2017. 

The current elected officers of the association are:

  • President – John Seccombe
  • Vice President – Mike Wilkins
  • Treasure – Jodi Litherland
  • Secretary – Vacant
  • Committee Member Chief Motorcycle Inspector – Ed Dekker
  • Committee Member Chief Car Inspector – Glen Collins
  • Committee Member Chief Safety/Rescue – Malcom Clunie
  • Committee Member Timer – Sharon Goh
  • Committee Member – Walter Rands-Trevor
  • Committee Member – Stuart Goldsworthy
  • Committee Member – Mandy Heasley
  • Committee Member – Neil Baker

All positions within the Landspeed New Zealand are honorary and voluntary. Many of the office bearers and committee compete as well as officiate at our annual Speed Trials, not to mention the untold hours spent organizing and answering queries during the year all whilst trying to make a living and keep the family happy.

All members of the Landspeed New Zealand are truly indebted to these people for without them, there would be no LSNZ and no racing.

LSNZ plans to bring landspeed racing to a variety of locations around New Zealand, including events on closed roads and airport runways. Keep an eye on this website and our facebook page for news on upcoming events.


How to join the association: Click here to sign up online.