About us

Landspeed New Zealand Association

Landspeed New Zealand was formed to foster and promote landspeed racing in New Zealand. Kiwis have always had the urge to push their machines to the limit, to see just how fast they will really go, and until now there has been no local organisation that supports us in this effort.

The association was formed in 2016, when it officially became an incorporated society – a copy of our certificate of incorporation is available here. The first AGM was held in Hamilton on the 9th of April 2017 with the following officers being elected:

President – John Seccombe
Treasurer – Jodi Litherland
Secretary – Shane Taylor
Officer in Charge, Bike Checks – Ed Dekker
Committee Member – Mandy Dekker
Committee Member – Stuart Goldsworthy
Committee Member – Walter Rands-Trevor
Committee Member – Neil Baker

LSNZ plans to bring landspeed racing to a variety of locations around New Zealand, including events on closed roads and airport runways. Keep an eye on this website and our facebook page for news on upcoming events.


How to join the association: Click here to download the membership form.

Current members:

P00001 John Seccombe
S00002 Bill Ward
P00003 Reg Cook
P00004 Alan Thoresen
P00005 Walter Rands-Trevor
P00006 Mike Wilkins
P00007 Scott Wilkins
P00008 Rob Small
P00009 Edmond Dekker
P00010 Phil Garrett
P00011 Ferg Maynes
P00012 Anthony Wilson
S00013 John Pool
P00014 Mandy Dekker
S00015 Mike Ramsey
P00016 Miles Purchase
P00017 Bill Keugler
P00018 Neville Price
S00019 Jeffory Lemon
P00020 Stuart Goldsworthy
P00021 Grant Brennan
P00022 Laurie Vercoe
P00023 Colin Johnson
S00024 Jo Johnson
S00025 Malcolm Clunie
P00026 Shane Dixon
P00027 Chris Lysaght
P00028 Neil Neville
P00029 John Sofo
P00030 Conrad Rains
P00031 Grahame Jarratt
S00032 Bill Wallace
P00033 Justin Weir
S00034 Chris Harris
P00035 Neil Baker
P00036 Darryl Dolby
P00037 Brian Hamilton
P00038 Matt Cox
P00039 John Feaver
P00040 Jim Carroll
P00041 Jeff Tichborne
P00042 Paul Lance
P00043 Ash Hare
P00044 Jacob Enright
P00045 Allan Rees
P00046 Aaron Eglinton
P00047 Helen Upson
P00048 Adrian Clare
P00049 Troy Appleton
P00050 Mark Whyte
S00051 Squeak Bell
S00052 Wayne Harris
P00053 Glen Chappel
P00054 Lee Rasmussen
P00055 Te Taka Keegan
P00056 Glen Collins
P00057 Heath Lett
P00058 Grant Keeble
P00059 Steve Kelly
P00060 Graeme Drummond
P00061 Ken King
P00062 Jon Kinsley-Smith